ATSiP Annual Conference – Dublin

ATSiP Annual Conference
Trinity College
22nd – 24th June 2005

Resume of the Conference in 2005 at Trinity College Dublin

Peter Beamen

Wednesday June 22nd

Well I arrived by Ryanair at Dublin Airport 9.30am and met up with Teeside Members Sylvia and Neil. We had a tour of Dublin’s Temple Bar area, Castle grounds and checked in at the hotel. During the evening we had a drinks reception in the Psychology Department with a welcome by Patrick our chairman followed by an informal dinner at Mona Lisa, an excellent Italian Restaurant.

Thursday June 23rd
We had registration followed by a talk from Professor Ray Fuller On Road Safety, “driving by the seats of your pants” an entertaining account of understanding drivers’ behaviour and the interface between driving task demands and culpability. Mary Atkins – Royal Holloway University of London followed and presented her talk about Issues in Technicians Training. This came about from a consultant meeting attended by national technicians and presided over by Bob Hardwick principal associate for the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE). The findings from the talk showed that the LFHE are promoting events and programmes to meet technical skills needs. We had a buffet lunch in the department.

In the afternoon we explored the Psychology Department and the newly opened Institute of Neuroscience and also a cultural tour of the old library and famous Book of Kells. Finally Neil Carter – University of Wales, Swansea, presented The Practicalities of Computerised Response Timing, in theory and practice. The talk reflected on software and hardware challenges to measuring response time efficiently.
The evening conference meal was hosted by the Temple Bar Hotel.

Friday June 24th
We were given a thoughtful talk by Dr Ian Gray – Trinity College Dublin on Assistive Technology in the treatment of self-injurious behaviour in Intellectual Disability. The case study presented was challenging to find an appropriate device for communicating certain needs of those people with low IQ and Disabilities.

The AGM followed and re-elected the committee from last year. Topics included whether to increase membership fee, further contacts with other Universities, Colleges needed, and modification to the existing email list server. The venue for next year 2006 was confirmed as Teeside University (dates to be decided later), followed by either Huddlesfield or Endinburgh in 2007/8. Informal lunch followed at the Bad Ass Café, followed by Sightseeing in Dublin, including the Jameson’s Distillery!

  • Dr Ian Gray – Trinity College Dublin gives a talk on Assistive Technology in the
    treatment of self-injurious behaviour in Intellectual Disability
  • The evening conference meal at the Temple Bar Hotel
  • Professor Ray Fuller
    Road Safety “Driving by the seat of your pants”
  • Mary Atkins – Royal Holloway University of London
    Issues in Technician’s training
  • Patrick in the Mac Lab
  • Tea Break
  • Tea Break