Who are we?

Our History
The Association was formed in 1976 as the Association of Psychology Technicians. Previous to this there had been two meetings of technicians from departments across the country but it was with the support and encouragement of Prof. Tony Gale that the association came into being. The first Officers of the association were Dave Johnson – Cardiff, Jim Chambers – U.C. London and Raja Jayasuriya – Goldsmiths London.

By 1984 Jim Chambers had received little support for the association and advertised its demise in the BPS Bulletin. This produced many letters of support and was discussed at the Scientific Affairs Board of the BPS. At this point John Griffiths of UC Swansea stepped forward and took over as editor and agreed to breath life back into the association. He then encouraged Keith Holdsworth of LSE and Rosemary Westley MBE of Royal Holloway to “volunteer” as Chairman and Secretary.

Our Objective
We are working to raise awareness of our profile, development and creating links between technicians across the country.

The Committee

  • Ferenc Igali


  • Wakefield Morys-Carter

    Treasurer and Membership Secretary

  • Sam Royle


  • Neil Carter

    Conference Co-Coordinator

  • Sean Rooney

    BPS Liaison Officer

Regional Reps

  • Yiannis Argyropoulos


  • Martyn Atkins

    South West England

  • Joe Rennie-Tayor

    South East England

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