AtSiP 2015 Conference Report – Belinda Hornby

This was my first ever AtSiP conference, my former Principle Technician, Kit Jordan, attended one at least 5 years ago but she did not find it helpful so I never really bothered about attending. However, this year with all the changes in Psychology here at UCLan and the introduction of new imaging equipment and a new Brain Imaging laboratory, I … Read More

ATSiP Annual Conference – Dublin

Resume of the Conference in 2005 at Trinity College Dublin The AGM followed and re-elected the committee from last year. Topics included whether to increase membership fee, further contacts with other Universities, Colleges needed, and modification to the existing email list server. The venue for next year 2006 was confirmed as Teeside University (dates to be decided later), followed by … Read More

ATSiP Annual Conference – Swansea University 2010

7th – 9th July 2010 ATSIP Swansea Report 2010 This year’s ATSiP Conference was another glowing success I am pleased to report! Conference 2010, if you were not there was at Swansea University on the outskirts of Swansea City centre itself. Based on a purpose-built campus, the University has a number of impressive facilities, from Singleton Abbey, a 19th Century … Read More